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Great Hotel Boutiques

Great Hotel Boutiques

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The Mariel Hotel is located in Lima , Peru and is famous for the different sorts of activities it provides, namely water sports and luxurious spa treatments. It also has an indoor-outdoor swimming pool and a gorgeous view from the balcony. In any case, the resort’s spectacular views make it a tourist’s paradise.

But, Lima is the only place you ought to consider when booking a Mariel Hotel boutique. All hotels in Lima are uniquely exceptional and offer more than just oceanfront accommodation with local specialty restaurants and entertainment venues.

Hotels in Mariel Hotel Boutique

Your next stop should be Puerto Vallarta. This island has lots of choices when it comes to resorts that cater to the needs of tourists searching for tropical islands. They include all types of accommodation, including resorts, hotels, guest houses, apartments, condos, and guest houses. At the resort, there are two hotels that you can choose from. For people who prefer the more relaxing experience, the Adriatic Lodge and the Princess Beach Resort offer great entertainment choices. At the same time, the Hotel Senda is for those who would rather have an active evening on the beach.

List of top Hotels and Resorts in Puerto Vallarta

The most crucial matter to consider is the budget. Some of the resorts in Cancun will offer additional discounts for regular guests, such as guests who stay during the summertime. So if you book around the casino area, you may qualify for a discount.

Hotel Prado in Playa de Las Americas is located in one of the most popular resort areas of the city. There’s not anything comparable to the view from its balcony. You can enjoy the fantastic view across the sea, and a restaurant located above the casino, as you sip on some margaritas.

The next option is Villa Banares Resort, which is located in one of the hotels on the ocean. This one features a great perspective, along with a casino and excellent dining options. If you want the ocean perspective, the Melia Beach Resort is the option. This hotel is only a brief walk from the beach, and you’ll have the chance to snorkel or dive with dolphins.

The ultimate solution is Hotel El Coco, which provides the very best of both worlds by offering additional luxury options. It has everything from the casino on the beach to an indoor swimming pool.

And, you can also find resorts that have an outside swimming pool on the beach. These are the forms of resorts that you may want to consider.
Therefore, if you don’t want to settle for the last choice, then it is a fantastic idea to make sure that you know where to go. All resorts in Cancun have something unique about them. One thing is for sure: the beautiful resort boutique will provide you a memorable experience and memorable memories.

Flights to Santo Domingo

Cheap Flights to Santo Domingo

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If you are thinking about booking cheap flights to Santo Domingo, it may be the opportunity to get excited and start researching. The country has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. However, the cost of the airfare to enjoy these beaches is somewhat expensive. Although your family vacation won’t be disrupted, if you are search for a budget solution for the vacation, then you have to look at the options of cheap flights to Santo Domingo.

Travelers from the northern area of the country, such as Panama, won’t find this area to be considerably more affordable than their northern counterparts. This means that you’ll probably have to contemplate using this path to travel to Santo Domingo that can be a little more challenging to navigate. And from the time you have arrived at your destination, the sunlight will be scorching so hot that it will probably feel that way if you get home.

People who take advantage of the benefits provided by flights to Santo Domingo can appreciate a variety of destinations on their vacation. This includes exploring the beautiful beaches of the town, the fantastic climate of the Amazon rainforest, the spectacular landscapes of this Cala de Brito, and the breathtaking panoramas of the Holy Sepulcher.

On the other hand, travel to Santo Domingo also offer you a great chance to find the tropical nature of this Cienaga. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is only accessible by boat.

A number of those local artisans from the villages are now producing things for the very famous Prada bags. These travel mugs and branded sunglasses are now a significant selling item and attract shoppers from all around the world. The prices for these products will vary based on where you decide to buy them.

Even the Prada collection is available in a variety of colors and shapes but can be discovered in a lot of sizes and designs. If you are a fan of the beach, or perhaps beach vacations, you may want to think about travel mugs and sunglasses in colors such as blue, yellow, green, or orange. Whatever color you choose, the product surely will appeal to people who love nature and beaches. There are many more places that you can travel to in case you are interested in cheap flights to Santo Domingo. If you love shopping, then the beaches and seaside resorts can be precisely what you want. These are best visited in combination with family vacations summer or wintertime.

There are plenty of ways to find a fantastic night’s sleep during the long season. If you prefer to stay in hotels, then a warm, tasty meal and bedding for the next day are a bonus. On the other hand, if you are interested in cheap flights to Santo Domingo, it may be time for you to check at options for lodging. Resorts are offering more than just the same standard and traditional rooms.

List of Popular Hotels in Santo Domingo

There are also the ones that offer luxury rooms, and bedding offers luxury bedrooms, and also include an indoor pool and restaurant. Also, there are a few hotels that offer amenities that include private jets and luxury golfing classes. Airfare and food may be the expenses that you want to think about before making a decision, but do not let yourself get distracted by this. The priority must be to get a place to stay in Santo Domingo.

cheap flights from New York to Santo Domingo

dream destinations for honeymoon in 2020

Twelve dream destinations for your honeymoon in 2020

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Are you going to get married soon? Congratulations! You are going to live a wonderful day that will mark the start of your life together!

The opportunity to share an unforgettable experience with your partner and to live intense moments in superb landscapes. Bettertravelagency is a free travel booking adviser that compares millions of cheap flights, hotels, car hires, airport taxis, trains, and also provides travel-related information, such as tours, trips, tickets, city cards, travel products, and more. They will provide you with the best price for flights, tours, and accommodation with no charges.

If you still don’t know where to go after your wedding, follow us to discover our 12 favorite honeymoon destinations!

1. French Polynesia

A true paradise that will amaze you with its crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, and white sand, French Polynesia is an ideal destination for a romantic honeymoon under the sign of relaxation. According to your wishes, you can stay in a small charming pension as well as in a luxurious resort where nothing will be left to chance.

French Polynesia
Vaitāpē, French Polynesia

Because of its remoteness and its relative difficulty of access, you will not go very often to this archipelago and will keep an unforgettable memory for life … What a good start to your life as a married couple!

2. Canada

If you love nature and the great outdoors, you will love exploring this immense country of more than 10 million square kilometers embedded between two oceans. Along with your other half, you can admire superb lakes, impressive mountains, mysterious glaciers, green forests but also large cosmopolitan cities. Canada is a country you will not forget!

Toronto Canada
Toronto Canada

3. South Africa

A honeymoon in South Africa is an emotionally charged experience, ideal for road trip enthusiasts and nature lovers. Between the landscapes of the Whale Coast, where you can admire whales and the beauty of the Kruger Park, where you will discover an exceptionally rich fauna, you will inevitably find your happiness! The safari experience is unique, but nothing also prevents you from combining it with a stay in Mauritius or Seychelles.

4. The Dominican Republic

Synonymous with heavenly beaches and unforgettable sunsets, the Dominican Republic is an ideal destination for couples who want to rest after the stress of wedding preparations. In the heart of the Caribbean, you can enjoy the beach and nautical activities but also discover an exotic culture and an always lively atmosphere!

The Dominican Republic

For a cultural stay, prefer the capital of the island, Santo Domingo, but if you are looking for relaxation above all, go to Punta Cana!

5. Thailand

Thailand is a country of a thousand contrasts: green landscapes, ancient temples, bustling cities, spectacular beaches, wild islands … It is a destination that will allow you to combine beach and culture, nature and shopping, frenzied evenings and relaxation, something to please to all styles of honeymooners! One thing is certain, and you will not be disappointed with the trip …

6. Bali

For a wedding under the best auspices, fly to “the island of the Gods”! Superbly combining natural landscapes of great beauty with dreamy beaches and lively cultural life, Bali is a very popular destination for honeymooners who come to rest and taste the sweetness of island life. Tasty gastronomy, a warm and welcoming local population, a lively tradition of massage and well-being, enchanting landscapes, an abundance of activities, and visiting options … Bali definitely has it all!

7. Rome

From the Trevi Fountain to the Villa Borghese, passing through the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is undoubtedly thanks to the beauty of its monuments, the flavor of its gastronomy, and the sweetness of its atmosphere that it charms so many couples.


If you are looking for a destination that is both close and magical, Rome is exactly what you need!

8. The Greek Islands

The small, steep villages sheltering pretty white houses with blue roofs, typical of the Greek islands, will make up the ideal setting for a honeymoon trip between cultural discoveries and swimming in the Mediterranean. Gastronomy, good wines, pleasant climate throughout the year, dream beaches, spectacular landscapes, cultural wealth, all easily accessible by plane, and for a perfectly reasonable budget … What more could you want?

9. The Maldives, heaven on earth

If you dream of a honeymoon in an “abandoned beach … shellfish” mode, look no further, the Maldives is the ideal choice! Indeed, with their turquoise sea, golden beaches, and breathtaking nature, these islands are a true haven of peace and luxury where it is good to enjoy a stay for two.

The Maldives, heaven on earth

Ideal for lovers of tranquility and privacy, the Maldives will offer you a Robinson Crusoe-style experience in a glamorous version. To make the most of the beauty of the landscapes and nature, we invite you to opt for a water villa, these little houses that are so original and instagrammable. So update your summer wardrobe and swimwear collection, and prepare for a 100% sea, sex and sun stay!

10. Paris is always a good idea Honeymooners

Ah, Paris! City of lights, fashion capital, but above all, the city of love. Although we often forget its romantic potential, the most beautiful city in the world remains a favorite destination for all lovers of the world. You only have to watch American romantic comedies to understand that Paris is THE right choice to celebrate your honeymoon with your chosen one.

Paris for Honeymooners

You can kiss under the Eiffel Tower, get lost in the cobbled streets hand in hand, have a romantic dinner in a riverboat on the Seine, take a photo on the Pont des Amours or even make the wish of happily ever after throwing a coin the fountain of the Luxembourg garden. In short, so many ideal activities for a couple of brides in search of romance and passion. So, ready, ready? Paris!

11. Aruba or how to see life in (flamingo) pink!

Not widely known by the general public, Aruba is nevertheless a real hidden pearl of the Caribbean. Located off the coast of Venezuela, this Dutch island has nothing to envy to the other much better-known tourist islands. In addition to offering the classic landscape of crystal clear sea and fine sand, Aruba is full of unique spots that will make your honeymoon a memorable stay.

Pink Flamingo at Aruba's beach
Pink Flamingo at Aruba’s beach

In addition to staying as a couple in one of Aruba’s adorable casitas, enjoying days at the beach, and exploring the small island by car or on foot, you can plan a visit to the Renaissance Island where you will have the joy of swimming with flamingos. One of the most popular attractions on the island of Aruba, but above all, an unforgettable experience not to be missed.

12. Venice: Dove to love

Nicknamed the city of lovers, Venice remains a must in the list of the most romantic destinations on the globe. Built entirely on the water, everything becomes magical in this city, even the fact of moving from one place to another. So you can treat yourself to a gondola ride to soak up the soul of the city.

Venice: Dove to love

And even if sometimes the weather is foggy, it only adds charm to the city. You will love walking arm in arm with your other half in the mysterious alleys of Venice, visiting the bridge of sighs but even more famous, enjoying Italian specialties in the small bistros and gourmet restaurant. Indeed, what could be more romantic than a dish of spaghetti to share for two in tribute to the mythical scene of the beautiful and the tramp?